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The Perfect Pair: FlokiNET Servers and High-Performance GPUs

Servers with High-Performance GPUs.

FlokiNET offers a range of dedicated servers that can be paired with powerful GPUs to meet your demanding workloads. Lets have a look at what our GPU portfolio has to offer!

– NVIDIA A100: Ideal for high-precision tasks such as scientific computing, engineering applications, and physics simulations. Its extensive support for various tensor precisions (TF32, BFLOAT16, FP16, INT8) makes it highly suitable for deep learning training and inference, making it a versatile choice for data centers focused on AI, machine learning, and HPC workloads.  A perfect match with the following dedicated servers: DL380 Gen 10 and DL385 Gen 10 Plus V2! 

-NVIDIA L40S: the BEST universal GPU is built on the NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture and boasts exceptional performance for a wide array of applications, including:
Generative AI: Supercharge image generation with up to 200 stable diffusion images per minute.
Large Language Model (LLM) Inference: Experience lightning-fast inference with low latency for models like Llama 2.
3D Graphics and Rendering: Accelerate complex workflows with third-generation RT Cores and hardware-accelerated motion blur.

Video Content: Streamline video processing and enhance AI video performance with up to 99% better energy efficiency.
The L40S is data center-ready, offering reliability, security features like secure boot, and compliance with industry standards like NEBS Level 3.

Excels in FP32, TF32, BFLOAT16, FP16, FP8, INT8 for deep learning, AI training and inference, graphics rendering, edge computing, real-time video analytics, healthcare AI, autonomous vehicles, and recommendation systems. Another perfect match with our DL380 Gen 10, DL385 Gen 10 Plus V2! 

-NVIDIA L4 Tensor Core GPU: Versatile accelerator designed to enhance a wide array of workloads, including video processing, AI tasks, virtual desktops, and graphics rendering. Leveraging the NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture and fourth-generation Tensor Cores, it delivers exceptional energy efficiency and up to 120X faster AI video performance compared to CPU-based solutions. Its single-slot, low-profile form factor makes it easy to integrate into various server environments.

Efficient in FP32, TF32, BFLOAT16, FP16, FP8, INT8 for inference tasks, media processing, virtualized workloads, edge AI, real-time video processing, IoT applications, smart devices, and financial AI. Ideal for the following dedicated servers: DL360 Gen 10, DL360 Gen 11 and BL460c Gen 10! 

– NVIDIA A2: Suitable for entry-level AI inference, edge computing, and virtualization tasks. Its low power consumption and compact design make it ideal for smart devices, real-time analytics, and mobile AI applications. It is an excellent choice for edge deployments and scenarios requiring efficient performance in constrained environments.

Suitable for FP32, TF32, BFLOAT16, FP16, INT8 for entry-level AI inference, edge computing, virtualization, smart devices, real-time analytics, autonomous systems, healthcare AI, and mobile AI applications. Perfect match with DL360 Gen 10, DL360 Gen 11 and BL460c Gen 10! 

– NVIDIA T4: Designed for a wide range of modern applications including machine learning, deep learning, and virtual desktops. Its energy-efficient design and small form factor make it ideal for mainstream enterprise servers, cloud computing, and edge deployments. The T4 is particularly effective for inference tasks, media processing, and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Compact, energy-efficient powerhouse designed for diverse workloads. Powered by NVIDIA Turing Tensor Cores, it excels at accelerating deep learning, machine learning, video trans-coding, and virtual desktops. Its low-profile, single-slot design makes it ideal for space-constrained environments, while its 70W power limit ensures optimal efficiency. Another perfect match with DL360 Gen 10, DL360 Gen 11 and BL460c Gen 10! 

GPU and the AI Development

GPU and the AI Development.

GPUs have revolutionized the field of AI development, enabling researchers and developers to train complex models faster and more efficiently. Their parallel processing capabilities are perfectly suited for the computationally intensive tasks involved in AI, such as deep learning and neural networks.

Choosing the right GPU for your server is a crucial step in optimizing your infrastructure for the tasks at hand. By carefully considering your needs, budget, future plans, and the technical specifications of each option you can make an informed decision that will empower your server to reach its full potential.

Feel free to reach out to FlokiNET’s experts for personalized guidance and support in selecting the ideal GPU for your specific requirements.

Now let’s match you up with our servers!

Let’s see how we can team up to help you make the best decision for your server. A more elaborated match series on how to choose the right GPU for your FlokiNET dedicated server can be found below. 

360 Gen 10 – 2x Platinum 8173M, 28-core CPUs – Start at €​​​​​​​467.00/m!

  • Ideal for AI and Machine Learning: For this high-performance setup, the NVIDIA Tesla T4 would be an excellent choice. It offers high computational power and is optimized for AI and machine learning workloads.

380 Gen 10 – 2x Gold 6132, 14-core CPUs (mostly for LFF storage and GPU) – Start at €433.00/m!

  • Great for Storage and GPU Tasks: The NVIDIA L4 could be a suitable option for this server. It provides a balanced performance for storage and GPU-intensive tasks, aligning well with the server’s configuration and intended usage.

385 Gen 10 Plus V2 – 2x AMD EPYC 7543, 32-core CPUs – Start at €5978.90/half year!

  • Perfect for High-Performance Computing: Given the robust CPU configuration, the NVIDIA L40s would be a fitting choice. It offers high performance and is well-suited for high-performance computing tasks, aligning with the capabilities of the 32-core CPUs.

360 Gen 11 – Gold 6448H, 32-core CPUs – Start at €7953.00/half-year!

  • Ideal for Versatile Applications: This server can benefit from GPUs like the NVIDIA Tesla T4 or the NVIDIA L40s. The Tesla T4 excels in AI and machine learning tasks, while the L40s offers high performance for general computing tasks, ensuring versatility based on workload requirements.

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