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Webhosting 101 – Dedicated Servers

Fast, secure and resourceful! This week’s all about dedicated servers! Let’s see if a dedicated server is the right option for you.

What is a dedicated server?

Unlike other services such as Cloud, VPS and shared hosting, a dedicated server is a physically isolated service that does not share computing resources. It is placed in a data center designed for optimal operating conditions and is available to be rented.

In the vast majority of cases, dedicated servers are faster, but that will mostly depend on the specifications of the dedicated server.

When is a dedicated server a good option?

  • High traffic/bandwidth usage is expected.
  • Security is very important to you.
  • You value flexibility (when you need or want higher requirements).
  • You care about stable performance.

What are the advantages of a dedicated server?

  • Complete control of the server (including Remote Console through iLO).
  • The client can choose their own operating system.
  • All server resources are used for the client’s own purposes.
  • Improved performance (compared with shared environment).
  • Faster than other hosting services.

What are the disadvantages of a dedicated server?

  • Increased costs.
  • Technical skills are required in order to control or monitor the server.
  • Not recommended to applications that do not require  resources.
  • Recommended mostly to applications that need more stable and larger resources.

Still not sure if dedicated servers are a good choice for you? E-mail us at info@flokinet.is.