Why The Netherlands?

Why did we open a data center in the Netherlands?

We made this decision in order to have a footprint in Western Europe for low latency and high bandwidth options. Additionally, the freedom of speech and press laws are great, something that comes to our advantage in protecting the values that we believe in.

What does the Netherlands have to offer in terms of hosting advantages?    

Excellent connections within Europe, low bandwidth prices, DDoS protection and withal all products are wind energy powered, having a low carbon footprint.

Where is the following location of a FlokiNET data center?

We are perpetually probing, for now, various locations. The next one will be most likely outside Europe. As soon as we have details, we will publish them and let the world know our next move.

What products does FlokiNET offer in the Netherlands?

We already offer all products that are available in other locations like shared hosting, VPS, dedicated servers and colocation. You can check out our products here and see which one fits best to your hosting needs.

Have any questions or suggestions for us? Contact us at info@flokinet.is.

3 thoughts on “Why The Netherlands?”

  1. Really nice! Would it be possible to add a looking glass for your NL location?


  2. The only thing we can do about Flokinet last 2years and half about Flokinet, and the team, its pure LOVE. Thanks, Thanks, and again thanks, we choice flokinet, and thanks to this, we can eat everyday, they support us and host us, first time in life we see freedom of speech!, 10, 20, 30 years, we continue with floki.

    Best host ever!

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