Flokinet DNS Resolver

An open DNS recursive service for free with high security and high privacy in mind.

No data containing your IP address is ever logged in our service. Connections can use encryption if your system supports it and unlike a growing number of resolvers we do not censor your DNS.

We support DNS over HTTPS and DNS over TLS to allow you to encrypt your DNS traffic so untrusted networks can no longer see or tamper with the websites you look up.

All websites are encrypted today and so should your DNS traffic be.

Our anycast DNS can be reached at:

IPv6: 2a06:1700:100:20::1

Our DNS in Romania is reachable at



IPv6: 2a06:1700:0:36::1

Our Netherlands resolver is reachable at


IPv6: 2a06:1700:3:11::1

2 thoughts on “Flokinet DNS Resolver”

  1. I added both your RO and NL DNS over TLS servers to my ipfire firewall. They both give me a reverse lookup failed while several others DNS over TLS entries work just fine. Is this normal?

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