Freedom Of Speech

Freedom of Speech

One of FlokiNET’s core values is freedom of speech. We promote this through our products and services.

However, in the context of the latest global health crisis, it has become more clear that the line must be drawn between what’s acceptable for FlokiNET and what’s not.

Where are the limits? The legal framework surrounding freedom of speech differs by country. While one might have fewer limitations, like the United States, through the First Amendment, other countries might be more restrictive about the expression of speech in certain ways.

Even under the protection of the First Amendment, there are certain categories that are not considered free speech: obscenity, fighting words, defamation (including libel and slander), child pornography, perjury, blackmail, incitement to imminent lawless action, true threats, and solicitations to commit crimes. So certain speech would be illegal under most speech laws.

For us, the guidelines we use when it comes to freedom of speech are dictated by law. More specifically, Icelandic law and the law our server are located in. The Icelandic constitution protects and aims to be a haven for freedom of speech; however, there are certain limits (for example, hate speech. See the case of Lilliendahl V. Iceland )

Covid and the worldwide pandemic

Since the start of the pandemic, we have often received requests to host websites that spread false information and make unsupported claims such as COVID-19 being a hoax, vaccines not working or endangering people, and so on. As a result, we refused all similar offers or suspended any websites that tried to proceed to create such content without our consent.

As much as we do love free speech, we have the responsibility to host content that doesn’t violate the EU’s best practices in the context of a global pandemic. Every client who signs up with FlokiNET should carefully read our terms and conditions regarding disinformation in order to avoid any misunderstandings and issues.

As the European Union Council cites: “Disinformation is hazardous to your health. While disinformation is always used with destructive or divisive intent, it can turn into a lethal weapon when it concerns public health.” Having this in mind, we have not and will not support any type of content that uses disinformation regarding the global pandemic.

We believe in free speech. We believe in science.

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3 thoughts on “Freedom Of Speech”

  1. Good, keep up the good work Flokinet! And don’t listen to those far right mourners, they seems powerful in the internet but are not in real life

    1. they do but within the limits of the law and our tos and aup. And claiming Covid19 is a hoax is simply a lie and just endangering people’s lives.

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