Webhosting 101 – Reseller Hosting

Have you heard about reseller hosting? It is an easy and efficient method of expanding your hosting business.

What is reseller hosting?

Reseller hosting is the process of buying hosting services from a provider and then reselling them to others.

You sell our products under your own brand and prices while counting on us to give professional support, manage the operation’s technical back-end, and lower costs as you grow.

When is reseller hosting a good option?

It’s the perfect kick-start for companies that are just beginning their hosting business venture as it requires no time to create products from scratch. Reseller hosting implies low investment, fixed costs, easy planning, and a variety of features.

This option also offers a wider range of products in different regions and networks, reaching a broader market.

What do you need for it?

  • A website
  • A web hosting management platform
  • A billing system ( for example WHMCS)
  • A payment system (for example coinpayments.net)
  • A customer support system

Optional: a registered company, if you don’t want to trade as a private person.

Plus points

  • Cost-effective
  • A way of earning extra income
  • A way to expand your hosting business
  • Low investment
  • Customer support offered by the owner company

Minus points

  • Availability for customer support in case it is not offered by the renting company
  • Reliance on third parties  
  • Products flexibility

Is reseller hosting a good option for your hosting business?

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