New look with new services!

As you might have noticed already, we’ve redesigned our website & services! Now we’re not only offering state of the art hosting with great deals but also a lot more:

  • Tor hosting – host your website as a hidden service on the Tor network!
  • Penetration Testing – nobody likes to get hacked, test the security of your online shop, cryptocurrency exchange or company infrastructure!
  • Operational Security Consulting – train your staff to prevent social engineering attacks, install secure communication systems for your company or get your hidden service tested.
  • AutoScan – you’re running a popular CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla? We’ll be running continuous scans to check if you’re vulnerable!
  • Web Design – Tired of looking at your boring website? Let’s build a new one with a fancy responsive design and SEO optimizing!

Don’t forget, you can reach us anytime at or open a ticket, if you’ve questions!


One thought on “New look with new services!”

  1. Wanted to sent an email, but can’t send it.

    You have a few missing links on the front page, it’s the “View More ->” at the bottom of the carousel.
    The small links at the bottom, not the big button at the center.

    And when you click one of the items of the carousel, it always selects the first item and not the one you clicked.

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